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fantasy football fantasy football

RoboCheat - Customized Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets and NFL Player Rankings

Here are all the different kinds of customized cheatsheets available. Each cheatsheet provides some information for free. All cheatsheets are updated nightly or (when you make a change to your league or scoring setup) immediately.
  • RoboCheat-This is your 'regular draft' customized cheatsheet from now until the season end.
    • Note, this is a 'rolling' cheat sheet and that means that you can come back in-season to see the new player values from, e.g., week 2, week 3 and so on, until season end.
    • Here is a YouTube demo of RoboCheat the customized fantasy football cheatsheet.

  • RoboCheat Weekly (RC Weekly)-This is your customized cheat sheet for this weeks game predictions.